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It is said that the primordial act of creation is to bring chaos to order.  Our title The Transposition of Edith Stein: Her Contributions to Philosophy, Feminism, and The Theology of the Body  features original research on Edith Stein.  It was displayed in St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna and has several times been the #1 large print philosophy book on
     Our title A Pilgrimage to Iceland is a unique combination of personal, philosophical, and spiritual reflections. This travel story about Iceland also touches on the universal themes of finding hope in grief and rediscovering your cultural heritage.  This unique book  has been given quite positive reviews.
     Our  title  Tales of the Theotokos: Mary in the Personal, Historical, Scriptural, and Spiritual Realms is a comprehensive book on Mary. It features essays from the personal, historical, scriptural, and spiritual aspects of Marion thought all wrapped up into one affordable large print book. 
     Our title Lost in the Fjord  is a revival of the famous "Nonni" series of books written by the famous Icelandic Jesuit Jon Sveinsson.   It just won "Best Children's Book of 2014" from Pacific Book Review!  This beloved classic was written originally as a children's adventure story yet is equally loved by adults.
   These are just a few of our many titles.
     So if you value beautiful books published more for their cultural and spiritual value rather than just their ability to turn a profit please consider supporting Chaos To Order Publishing today.  I invite you to browse through our website and consider a book for yourself, a family member, or a friend.
     And if you have a book or book idea you are interested in pursuing we do review, and sometimes purchase, manuscripts.  
 (All Chaos To Order Publishing books are in easy to read large print).

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