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A Pilgrimage to Iceland

by John C. Wilhelmsson (large print)

After the sudden loss of his father a son recalls a trip they had planned to make together. A trip to his father's homeland of Iceland some fifty years after he had left. The son decides to set out upon the journey alone in order to honor his father's memory. To set out upon a pilgrimage to Iceland. This true story features many original photos. A unique combination of personal, philosophical, and spiritual reflections this book's sense of immediacy and wonder seeks to literally bring the reader along on the adventure, while its sense of reverence for the Icelandic culture, land, and people sets it apart from other tales of Iceland. This is Iceland as seen both through the mind and through the heart.

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"'Those who have been to Iceland almost always recognize that there is just something very special about it. Yet they just as often have trouble really describing what that something special is.' John felt this strongly himself, and describes the experience in his pilgrimage to Iceland." "You read it because it is very different, and for the emotional and spiritual journey that it is."

--Lögberg-Heimskringla Book Review

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