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Jon Svensson was born in Iceland and is the only Jesuit priest from that island at the top of the world. After a career in teaching and ministry, he became one of the world's best loved authors by writing his series of "Nonni" books. For anyone else, such a life would seem full yet, even at age 80, he still held in his heart a boyhood dream to travel around the world and meet all of God's people. Here, for the first time in English, is the incredible true story that proves that life does not end, but really begins, at 80! "Nonni in America” features encounters with historical figures like Jules Verne, Thomas Cook, and James Garfield. It also has great descriptions of early air passenger flight, the great passenger steam ships, and the golden age of train travel. Beyond the history, “Nonni in America” has much to offer to the reader of today. For in an age when America seems to be suffering from a certain lack of confidence, Svensson takes us back to a time when American greatness was imbued in the generosity and pride of her people (Complete the journey by reading "Nonni in Japan").


Around the World at 80 Years Old!

by Jon Svensson

This new original English translation of "Nonni in America" won the Gold Award for Best Travel Book in the 2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards as well as a Bronze Award as Best Memoir/Autobiography/Biography Book and a Global Award as Best Book from Europe. It was translated by "Nonni" expert Friederika Priemer, with the assistance of the author of "Thorlak of Iceland" Aimee O'Connell.

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