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Seven Great Freethinking Philosophers

Zeno, Epicurus, Augustine, Averroes, Descartes, Spinoza, and Edith Stein

In an age of conformity brought on by huge cult-like corporations and ubiquitous social media is there still a road less traveled one might choose to follow? How better to confront the conformity of the 21st century than by consulting history's seven great freethinking philosophers? We live in a time of stereotypical ignorance: "Christians have narrow minds and oppose diversity," "Muslims value blind faith over reason," and “Women have never made any great contributions to philosophy.” Seven Great Freethinking Philosophers crushes these myths by detailing how seven great minds fought against conformity in their own ages and left us an inheritance of thought, now almost forgotten, fundamental to human dignity, the scientific method, healthy living, and academic and religious freedom. A must read for all current, or aspiring, freethinkers.

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