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by Jon Sveinsson ("Nonni")

Translation by Konrad J. Heuvers

Illustrations by Irene Lin

Cover Art by Frances T. Wilhelmsson

(published in a clear large print)

Nonni and his younger brother Manni are Icelandic boys who live in the charming town of Akureyri. Nonni is curious about many things yet forgetful of his parents' warnings, while Manni is pure of heart and loyal toward Nonni. Thinking he can lure the fish out of the sea with his magic flute, Nonni, with Manni at his side, sets out upon the great Eyjafjörður Fjord in a row boat to try. Great adventures follow in this classic and true story of virtue and vocation!

A New English Translation Of A Children's Classic!

Lost In The Fjord has been awarded

"Best Children's Book of 2014"

by Pacific Book Review!

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