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The Philosophical Contributions of Edith Stein

by John C. Wilhelmsson (large print)

This thesis addresses the topic of the philosophical contributions of Edith Stein to the area of philosophy known as phenomenology. It examines Stein’s life up until the acceptance of her doctoral dissertation On The Problem of Empathy in1916. A particular attention will be given to the years 1913 to 1915 when her dissertation was being conceived and written. The central question being: Did Edith Stein make any important independent contributions to the philosophy of phenomenology? Because Edith Stein was canonized a Saint by the Catholic Church in 1998 a great deal of research material has recently been made available on her life. Using these and other sources as evidence, this thesis will make the argument that Edith Stein did in fact make heretofore uncredited and important contributions to the area of philosophy known as phenomenology.

The thesis that inspired the bestseller "The Transposition of Edith Stein: Her Contributions to Philosophy, Feminism, and The Theology of The Body"

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